This new printer creates *moving images* on paper — YES, just like in “Harry Potter”

Are the pictures hanging on the wall of your living room a little boring? Do you wish they could be a little more lively, and a lot more lifelike? Do you want to feel like you’re living in the Wizarding World every day of your life when you gaze at your collection of photographs? If you answered yes to any one of these questions, then oh boy, do we have the best new gadget for you. There’s now a printer that can bring your photos to life, IRL, and you don’t even have to fly off to Hogsmead to snag one.

In what might be the coolest thing to come out this holiday season, Apple has just launched their Lifeprint Photo and Video Printer. When you think of “lifelike” pictures, maybe your mind drifts off to 3D technology, or even just super high-resolution. But Lifeprint is not that. Lifeprint actually makes your pictures move, like this is some sort of Harry Potter world or something.

Lifeprint used augmented reality technology, which sounds super fancy and high-tech, because it is. It’s also the same type of technology that apps like Pokémon Go use, but this is for your pictures, not for catchin’ them all.



Here’s how it works: You print Apple Live Pictures, and/or images from Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook videos, and GIFs via the printer. Then, using the Lifeprint Hyperphoto app on your phone, you can watch the images come to life. What might be the best is that you can send these pictures to any Lifeprint in the world, and your friends and family can instantly see your animation.


The Lifeprint printer is available *right now* to buy online at Apple, or in-store. You won’t find a more perfect gift for anyone completely obsessed with Snapchat and/or GIFs this holiday season.

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