This useful lifehack will change how you hang pictures forever

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. Well, sometimes those thousand words are just us swearing and shouting in exasperation when we try to hang said image. Seriously, it’s basically impossible to get the picture to find the nail! Luckily for us, our friends at Reddit found a neat lifehack: use a fork to help hang a painting!  We are so grateful for this bit of wisdom. There are countless articles full of advice on how to correctly hang a picture on a wall, and not all of them are useful.

Lucky for us, one brave soul found a solution: a regular old kitchen utensil. Lifehack accomplished.

Great useful trick in everyday life

Seriously, a fork! How awesome is that? These are the kind of lifehacks that make us smile. Others include using soda tabs to give your closet more space and using nail polish to hide scratches on your car!

Plus, now we can make that collage wall we’ve always wanted without screaming in frustration:

Now, it’s clearly time to reach out to all our friends at museums. Whatever stuffy way they use to hang paintings can come with a bit of humor. Heck, if they want, perhaps they can use ancient gold-plated kitchen utensils.

According to Apartment Therapy:

Forks have been around at least since ancient times, but these were usually two-tined, and used mostly for cooking and serving food. For eating, Westerners were content with their fingers, spoons for soup, and knives, which were used to spear food on the plate and put it in the mouth...

Perhaps one day future historians will discuss how we used forks to eat… but also to hang pictures.