Life-size Legos are the stuff dreams are made of

Legos are geared for children ages 8 and up. But, there’s some silly unwritten rule that you’re supposed to stop making things with them after you hit your teenage years. So today, we’re super thankful for the wonderful people behind EverBlock, who have made giant life-size Legos for us adults.

Created by Arnon Rosan, EverBlock isn’t just meant to build cool spaceship models, but rather real-life things. Want to build a giant Lego-like sofa? How about a table? A room divider? You can do all of these things with the EverBlock, the giant adult Lego blocks of our dreams.

Constructed like a modular building block, one EverBlock easily fits right into another one, and then another one and another one on top of that. The blocks come in three different sizes: eight peg, four peg, and two peg; and then there’s also a “finishing block” for the top of any of your structures, if you don’t want the pegs exposed. They come in 12 different colors, and then two premium colors of gold and silver, if you want fancy giant Lego objects.

The idea first came to Rosan when he realized that Legos are tiny. “You get older, and you kinda wish you had a life-size version of that,” he explained to Wired. Instead of just thinking about how cool big Legos would be, Rosan actually made them. He sees these bricks being used for all sorts of things, and as the EverBlock website points out, “No tools, glue, or material handling equipment is required to build structures of nearly any size.” Your move, IKEA assembly.

If you’re not ready to go ahead and purchase a hundred of these to completely re-do your living room, EverBlock has set up a virtual 3D design builder so you can watch your creations come to life online first. And if still purchasing a bunch of these isn’t in your budget right now (because it’s OK if you didn’t allow funds for “buy life-size Lego bricks before fall”) you can rent them, too. Your next birthday party photbooth would be THE BEST with giant EverBlocks as the backdrop. Just a thought.

(Image via Twitter/EverBlock Systems)


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