Um, guys, guess who’s coming back for ‘Life-Size 2’

When Disney TV movie Life-Size hit screens back in 2000, audiences fell in love with Casey (played by Lindsay Lohan) and her doll Eve (played by Tyra Banks). The story tells what happens when Eve comes to life, and the two teach each other about their opposite, crazy worlds. The tale has been beloved for almost sixteen years now, so we’re so happy that they’re finally working on a sequel. We’re even happier that sequel comes with at least one of the original cast members.

Yes, Tyra Banks has confirmed that she will reprise her role as the doll-turned-human in Life-Size 2, and now we’re officially over-the-moon excited for the sequel, which is hopefully coming to our TVs next holiday season. Banks spoke to Variety about the film:

In addition to starring in the film, Banks will also be an executive producer, so we really trust that this film is going to be something special. Now, we wait.

(Image via Disney)

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