Life, love and finance on “Adulting 101”

In every episode of our brand new series on People/Entertainment Weekly Network, our “Adulting Candidates” were given some helpful guidance on two areas of life, covering everything from basic car maintenance to weekly meal prep.

But for those of us in the thick of it, what do we think are really the most stressful areas of growing up?

Ding ding ding!! That’s right: personal finances and dating. And that’s exactly what we’re tackling in this episode!

Adam is a 27-year-old working actor who lives paycheck to paycheck and hasn’t been on a date in a year. (Hey, Adam – we know how it goes!)

On hand to coach Adam on life, love and finance are Life Coach Tiffany Shaw, Dating Coach Amie Leadingham, and Financial Coach Whitney Rollins.

Check out the full episode here to see how it goes!

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