Some essential life lessons I learned from ‘Seinfeld’

It’s happening: The new season of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is coming back next week and we couldn’t be more excited. Jerry Seinfeld’s web-series has taught us a thing or two about cars, coffee and what our favorite comics are really like when they’re just hanging out. And that’s not all we’ve learned from Jerry. Yes, we’re talking about those life lessons we learned from the greatest show about nothing, ever. Here’s some of the wisdom one of our readers gleaned from watching countless episodes of Seinfeld. 

1. Sometimes, when nothing is going right, you must go left.

The moment when George Costanza decided to change every decision of his life by doing the complete opposite (starting with what he usually ordered for lunch) was the moment he became gainfully employed by the Yankees, moved out of his parents’ house and even got a girlfriend. And they say there are no good stories that ever started with a salad. HA, I say.

2. Doing nothing is very time consuming.

Cosmo Kramer is the supreme ruler of doing absolutely nothing. Yet, he somehow gets by due to his innate “creative” or purely insane business ideas that get him those Cuban cigars. The guy knows what he wants and what makes him happy and he pursues those things.

3. If you’re doing something, be confident about it.

If you do something and you’re confident about it and have all the right reasons (or at least a reason) to do it, everyone will end up doing it, too. Take, for example, the fork and knife eating experience of the chocolate bar: George saw this culinary maneuver during a meeting and he decided to start doing it, too. Why get your hands dirty? Next thing you know you’re looking at an entire restaurant eating donuts and sweets with cutlery.

4. It is all about first impressions.

If there is one important lesson Cosmo Kramer taught us, it’s that one should always make a good entrance. Sometimes you may fall (most of the times in his case) but the point is to never give up on who you are. Even if who you are is the clumsiest, goofiest person alive. Embrace that!

5. It is okay to care.

Even the most self-centered, egoistical humans do care (at least a little bit, okay?) and Jerry Seinfeld is one of them. We are real people with real feelings, and it is okay to care and cry sometimes.

6. If you’re cheap, nothing helps.

George Costanza, by nature, is very cheap. As far as we know, the bastard killed his wife before the wedding because he chose the cheapest envelopes and she died from glue poisoning. What? Yes!

7. Nothing good ever comes from lying.

Besides being the biggest cheap-o in the world, George is also a liar. By glancing at his history, nothing good ever came from lying. . .or at least not for long.

8. Nothing is what it seems.

There is so much explaining to do in Seinfeld and so many plot twists, sometimes you just have to step back, laugh and just take it all for what it is! Life is complicated. But that’s what makes it exciting, right?

9. Life is hilarious.

Seinfeld is a story, Seinfeld is about life. It is about not taking things or yourself too seriously, about talking about what’s on your mind, about doing stuff that cracks you up. It’s about being fun, positive, and accepting of others. Seinfeld is about absolutely nothing, and absolutely everything.

Alexandra Badea has been living on Earth for the past 22 years and has become very fond of the art of visual communications. Business development, writing, advertising, public relations and social media are her strong points. She projects herself in the Hollywood spotlight with a strict cultural diet.

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