Important life lessons I learned from re-watching ‘The Hills’

This just in: Stephanie Pratt, former cast member of the The Hills, has a new show. And according to MTV News, her new series will be a lot like—get this—The Hills. The Bravo series will explore the dynamics between Pratt and some fellow socialites hanging around in a big city (this time around, it’s New York).

The news got me all nostalgic for the original days of Lauren Conrad and the gang, Ah, The Hills. I remember being so excited to sit down and watch the ever-so-beautiful LC take on the city of Los Angeles. There was something that just drew us all in. Was it Lauren’s always perfect hair? Or Audrina Patridge’s long awkward pauses? Or maybe it was our hope that Lauren and Heidi would put their feud aside and become besties again. But, there’s one thing we can all agree on — The Hills gave audiences some damn good life lessons that will forever stick with us:

Forgive & Forget

Lauren and Heidi sure had their ups and downs. Well, actually mostly downs. We all remember when Spencer spread that awful rumor about Lauren, and Heidi wouldn’t own up to her boyfriend’s dirty work. Cut to Lauren telling Heidi those famous words, “I want to forgive you, and I want to forget you.” Ooooh burn! Lauren’s a smart lady and she knows when enough is enough.

Lesson learned: You should always forgive and forget. Forgive people for their mistakes and forget them as being your friend. Lauren’s putting up her boundaries and so should we. Plus, this is also a great line to use for when you meet up with an old flame who wants you back.

Wear Waterproof Mascara

It’s all fun and games, until someone cries a black tear. In this case, it was Lauren. Her and Audrina were feuding and Lauren couldn’t hold back her tears any longer. This is the moment when ladies around the world went straight out to their nearest drugstore and invested in some waterproof mascara.

Lesson learned: Crying is a real struggle and so are those dreaded mascara-running tears. Help yourself with some waterproof mascara. This way, you can cry it out without looking like a raccoon (not that raccoons aren’t adorable).

Never Turn Down Paris

When you have the option of going to Paris for the summer or staying with your not-so-great boyfriend in his Malibu beach house, YOU CHOOSE PARIS. Regrettably, LC did not know this rule when she made the mistake of choosing Jason over the trip of a lifetime. We all gasped as we saw Whitney walk out of the car, instead of Lauren. While Whitney was getting her Paris on, Lauren ended up breaking up with Jason.

Lesson learned: So ladies, never choose a horrible boyfriend over a great career and life opportunity. I mean, Paris has berets, the Eiffel Tower and french men. What more could a girl ask for?

Good Friends Are Hard To Find

Lauren didn’t have it easy in the friend department. After Jen Bunney betrayed her with Brody, who could LC trust? You think that would be enough, but then the Heidi and Spencer spread that rumor. THEN, a couple of seasons later, Audrina accuses Lauren of hooking up with Justin Bobby. Give the girl a break! Thank god for Lo and Whitney — good friends to the rescue.

Lesson learned: Good and true friends are hard to come by. But when you find them, you cherish them. Don’t let backstabbing people come into your life. A friend should not hook up with your ex, spread rumors about you, or talk behind your back. I think we all could see Jen Bunny was trouble from the get-go. If only Lauren could have seen that too.

Rethink Second Chances

Oh, the classic love story between Justin Bobby and Audrina. Our modern-day Romeo & Juliet. . .Kind of. Audrina kept taking JB back over and over and over again. Every time she said she was done, he would come back around with that long glorious hair of his and win her heart back. She couldn’t resist him, and neither could we. But slowly and surely, she grew tired of his games and realized she couldn’t change him. So after numerous chances, she said ENOUGH and was truly done.

Lesson learned: Second chances might be okay, but maybe not third and fourth and fifth chances. If we have learned anything from Audrina and Justin Bobby, it’s that you cannot change a person. They are who they are. Furthermore, know your worth, girl. If a guy plays games with your heart, burps constantly and doesn’t make sense half the time he talks, you are way too good for him.

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