Adorkable life lessons we can all learn from Jessica Day

Here’s the deal. I really don’t sit around my house pretending television characters are real people. But when something as amazing as season three of New Girl comes out on Netflix, you inevitably start thinking pretty deeply about the characters you’ve been watching for four hours straight. And as I sat, watching Jessica Day painfully try to understand basketball in order to spend “quality time” with Coach, I devised this list of life lessons we can all learn from Jessica Day.

Listening to audiobooks while running is cool.

Especially if it’s a book about Diane Keaton. Personally, I also recommend listening to comedy. (What? It really keeps you going!)

Wallowing after a break-up is perfectly acceptable.

Sometimes you really do need to watch Dirty Dancing over and over again. Whether or not you believe it, watching Patrick Swayze dragging Baby out of that corner WILL help you get over him.

How to deal with divorced parents.

I’m a child of divorce and I have to say that until New Girl, it had never occurred to me to sing Cheap Trick’s “Surrender” at the top of my lungs to combat parenting issues.

Choose the job you want and believe in. That’s the one worth fighting for.

Whether she’s jobless, or choosing between two jobs, Jess always goes after teaching. (Spoiler alert!) That scene where she picks the teaching job over the fundraising job that pays more? Love it.

Liking cupcakes, blankets and pretty skirts is not a sign of weakness.

Neither is enjoying knitting, or singing too much.

It’s okay to not have it all figured out.

If I lose my job at age 29 and try to be a shots girl, I plan on sitting in my room and re-watching the jobless Jess episodes over and over.

Glasses can be sexy.

Seriously, whenever I wear glasses out on a Saturday night, I call it my New Girl look. And yes, it’s pretty cute.

Maya Kachroo-Levine lives and works in Los Angeles. She’s a red lipstick enthusiast, an aspiring marathon runner and is known for her ridiculously long last name. She is one of two ladies who run Somewhat Wholesome, a lifestyle blog on food and fashion. Follow her on Twitter @mayakach.

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