The creator of This Is Us has a new movie and the trailer for Life Itself is, naturally, making people cry

There are a lot of talented screenwriters who can make us cry for hours on end with their poignant and touching scripts. There are also some who are tricksters and shock viewers by revealing surprising connections between their characters. But there are only a few, however, who have the unique ability to do both, and one of them is Dan Fogelman.

The mastermind behind Crazy Stupid Love and This Is Us, Fogelman is directing his second film, Life Itself, and its trailer alone proves that he’s nowhere near retiring from the business of making us cry.

Starring Oscar Isaac and Olivia Wilde, Life Itself chronicles the life of a young couple — from the time they met in college through their wedding and up to the birth of their firstborn. According to the official synopsis, the film will be a multigenerational story spanning decades, set in two places: New York City and Carmona, Spain. And true to the Fogelman brand, one event connects it all.

Although the trailer doesn’t give away too much in terms of the main plot, it suggests an intense love story between Isaac and Wilde’s characters.

“You ever gonna ask me out, Will?” Wilde’s Abby asks in the beginning. Are you ready for Isaac’s response as Will?

"Abby, I'm waiting for the right moment 'cause when I ask you out, there's not gonna be any turning back for me," he says. "I'm not gonna date anybody else for the rest of my life. I'm not gonna love anybody else for the rest of my life. I'm waiting for the right moment because when I ask you out, it's gonna be the most important moment of my life. And I just want to make sure that I get it right."

It also looks like there’s going to be one giant tragedy, as evidenced by the scene where a little girl is in the middle of an apparent car accident. Could it be Abby and Will’s child? Will Abby even make it? She is noticeably absent in the clips where Will appears to be more middle-aged. It’s too early to assume, but we’ll have boxes of tissues ready when we hit the theaters.

Rounding out the cast are Mandy Patinkin and Jean Smart (as Isaac’s parents), Olivia Cooke, Laia Costa, Annette Bening, and Antonio Banderas. Samuel L. Jackson is also credited on IMDB, but he has yet to make an appearance in the teasers.

Life Itself arrives on the big screen on September 21st. FYI, that’s only a few days before This Is Us returns for Season 3, so brace yourself for days of crying.

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