Make Your College Life Easier With These Essential Products

This post is presented by Best Buy.

College is amazing for many reasons, but having a lot of space, luxuries, or modern conveniences is not one of them. That’s why you need to get creative (and have fun!) with your day-to-day, bring some clever hacks and workarounds into your entertaining and living repertoire, and purchase a few small, essential items to help you along the way.

Here are our top make-your-college-life-better must-haves (click on their names to buy at Best Buy and other outlets):

1. A Compact Microwave 

Right now you’re thinking, “Sure, I’ll need to heat up coffee and some old pizza, but do I really need my own microwave?” Yes, yes you do. Here’s just one reason why: Microwave brownies in a mug in 3 minutes. Here’s another: Microwaves make a great sanitizer for everything from gross sponges to that old spoon you got from the caf and now desperately need to eat your brownie.

2. Coffee maker

You’re going to want coffee or some other boiled caffeinated beverage basically all of the time. That is reason 1. Reason 2 is that the clever people of the Interwebs have figured out a zillion other things you can cook in your coffee maker—real foods like hard-boiled eggs, grilled cheese, steamed veggies—making this appliance a smart little multi-tasking machine. Also: caffeine.

3. Washi Tape

Use this cheerful, easy-to-remove and super-cool Japanese tape to make your space look bright and unique—Washi tape can be adhered to an array of dorm-room staples from standard-issue (read: boring) shelf edges to dressers, doors, and walls (Tip: it’s amazing for making clean-lined, DIY frames around all your art-y wall ephemera.)

4. Samsung Galaxy smart phone

We love the Galaxy for its big pretty screen,  crystal-clear camera pics and zillion apps. It also comes with an longer-life battery and is weather proof, which makes it ideal for all us adventurous girls, college or otherwise. Bonus: Did you know your phone can be a super sound system? Just put the Galaxy in a pint glass to amplify its sound and, voila! Instant speaker system.

5. Xbox

If you are going to play video games in your dorm or your off-campus apartment, this is THE SYSTEM you need. That’s because, in case you don’t know, the X-Box 1 is like 20 devices in one: in addition to fulfilling all gaming needs, it lets you watch live TV and Netflix, play music, Skype with family and friends, and it uses the coolest voice command system, so you can be all “Xbox, play me some sweet tunes while I study.”