‘The Life and Death of Sophie Stark’ is your summer must-read

Remember summer reading? That big list of books you’d have to read before returning to school in September? Well, if I had to make a list of required reading for everyone I know this summer, The Life and Death of Sophie Stark by Anna North would be right there at the top.

If you read America Pacifica then you’re likely already an Anna North fan. If you read her op-ed in the New York Times about how to find more time in your day, then you’re likely already an Anna North fan. And if you’re a North newbie, then you’ll definitely be a fan post reading, The Life and Death of Sophie Stark. 

I couldn’t put it down. From start to finish, it spun like a top, leaving me dizzy in the best possible way. The story itself is a riveting and often haunting exploration of our title character, a tortured and enigmatic filmmaker. But what’s so cool about this book is how the story of Sophie Stark is told: Solely from the points of view of the people who have known her.

Each person who knew or loved Sophie best has a chance to provide their version of Sophie — who she was, how she hurt them, what she leaves behind. It’s a compelling narrative structure that will engross you and leave you wanting more, all while being a completely satisfying and delicious to read.

The cover looks like this:

The book goes on sale next Tuesday (May 19th). Order it, read it, and then let’s reconvene. I promise book-love in your future.

Buy it here.

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