9 lies we have all told our significant others

As a kid, you’re taught not to lie. But obviously that’s a pretty impossible thing to stick with as an adult. Not because you’re malicious or untrustworthy, but sometimes lying is the best solution in a hard situation. Specifically, certain situations that involve your significant other.

Big lies are probably the sign of a bigger issue, but smaller white lies are totally fine every now and then if it saves hurt feelings or an argument (although every relationship is obviously different, so if you don’t feel like this applies to you, that’s totally okay!)

But for many of us, lying to the person you love just sometimes has to happen. And these are some of the lies we’ve all told our significant others:

1 “This food you spent hours making is delicious.”

 It’s not. But you’re not heartless, and you definitely appreciate the effort.

2 “No, I’m not drunk.”

 Yes you are, but no one needs to know that. It’s perfectly fine to keep your intoxication level to yourself as long as you’re being safe and everything’s under control.

3 “I love your outfit.”

You don’t. But if your partner is super into whatever they’re wearing, you don’t want to break their spirit. Unless of course the outfit is completely terrible, then you owe it to them and yourself to be honest.

4 “I’d love to have your parents over for dinner.”

 Yeah, no. (Unless you love your mother and father-in-loves!)

5 “I was super productive today on my day off.”

You watched Netflix, looked at Instagram and met your friends for lunch. To some, that’s productivity at its finest. But probably not the kind of productivity your S.O. was hoping for.

6 “I will for sure clean the house today.”

 Ooh, except there are so many better things to do. Like not clean the house.

7 “I took the dog for a walk, I don’t know why there’s poop in the house!”

 Blaming your poor, innocent, adorable dog for your laziness/forgetfulness? Maybe you are heartless.

8 “I only bought things I absolutely need!”

Well, technically you don’t “absolutely need” a brand new Chanel purse or Kylie Jenner’s lip kit. Or maybe you do?

9 “I’m fine.”


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