This library exists on a quiet beach in China, and it is a book lover’s dream

If you’re struggling to round up your bookworm squad, they’ll be more than eager to accept an invite to this gorgeous library that sits on a serene beach in China. There’s no need for a librarian to shush noisy patrons here because as Mashable points out, this bookish oasis is quite possibly the world’s quietest library.

Situated on the coast of Beidaihe New District, China, the appropriately named Seashore Library was designed by Vector Architects. The structure is made of concrete and wood and features an activity space and a meditation room. Visitors can spend time poring over their favorite books while looking out over the ocean through one of the library’s huge windows.

Obviously, both the internal and external views are breathtaking:

Of the library’s location, Vector Architects’ Gong Dong says it was built by the sea “in order to achieve a more direct relationship with the ocean.”

Sigh. Not only do we feel the connection, staring at photos of this book-filled oceanside retreat has us convinced that we could totally be fine with living in a library.