A library cat has just been spared eviction because the world can’t be that mean

For all the cat lovers out there, it’s probably obvious why our furry friends consistently win over the internet. In short, it’s because they’re so gosh darn adorable! So here’s a story about a library cat that might get your emotions going  (cat lovers and regular civilians included). Warning: you might get teary.

For the last six years, Browser has been the resident library cat at a public library in White Settlement, Texas. Everything was going perfectly fine for him: he showed up for his work as library mascot on time every day, and was gracious to everyone who crossed his path. Until the local council declared earlier this month that “city businesses are no place for animals.” Suddenly, eviction was looming down on Browser!

Understandably, this news didn’t go over well with residents. Browser had been nothing but sweet to all the library-goers and employees! Most importantly, Browser genuinely loved books and people, which are the two main ingredients for working in a library! He even encouraged children to read, and there’s no better influence than that.


It’s clear that Browser earned his keep, and deserved a safe, comfortable place to lounge, with books in a close vicinity.

Pretty soon, people started to share angry messages on Facebook, shaming the City Council and demanding that Browser be allowed to stay. Finally the Texas city council got involved, and told Browser he could stay in the library. false

Hooray for the sweet library cat! He’s back in business.

One of the cutest kitties we’ve ever seen.

And he has his priorities in order, like any responsible kitty.