Libra season starts today, so it’s time to reflect on our relationships—and make a few changes

Equinox Alert! Today, September 23rd, the Sun enters the sign of Libra, following Mercury and Venus. This Libra season is going to be particularly serious—even more so than usual. But first, let’s talk about Libra season energy.

Libra season, also called “cuffing season,” is a time of year during which we seek to establish partnerships with others.

We want to be out and about with friends, with romantic partners—anything but being alone. We’re called to reflect on our relationships (of all kinds) and notice some patterns: Are we getting what we want out of them? What’s the balance? Are we a giver or a taker? What kinds of people do we attract in our life, and what does it say about us? How do other people see us?

Mirrors, mirrors. Libra loves mirrors not only because of its taste for aesthetics and beauty, but also because Libra only sees the self through the reflection of others. This gives Libra a natural tendency for dependencies and self-worth issues. We already explored these two themes during Virgo season, but we’re going to dive in even more now.

During Libra season, we’re more concerned with being liked, being diplomatic, being gentle, being fair, and with cultivating new knowledge.

As I said, this season has a serious tone to it. The first thing that will happen for the collective is the opposition Sun-Chiron, which will occur for a week starting September 23rd. This is going to trigger a lot of pain in everyone, especially those who have difficulties with asserting themselves, feeling confident, feeling individuated, and feeling entitled to their rights and desires. There could be some triggers surrounding fear of rejection, too.

Come mid-October, we’ll experience the square of Sun to both Saturn and Pluto. This will create sudden changes in many relationships and many people’s paths. If you have been following a path that is inauthentic and dull, or if you’ve been settling, you’ll be triggered to change things up. But if you have been making tough decisions lately—the kind that are uncomfortable in the moment, but which you know will be good for you long-term—now might be the time to collect your good points.

Overall, this Libra season will be about making the right choices in love, making the right choices for ourselves, and paying up any debt we have, karmically speaking.

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