Liam Payne has cleared up those rumors about him going solo

Things have never been more uncertain for our boys in One Direction. Shortly after beloved member Zayn Malik left to go solo, the band announced they would be taking a hiatus after wrapping up their current tour. Understandably, rumors abound for the fate of the remaining members, but Liam Payne spoke to Attitude Magazine to clear up the speculation.

He’s really realistic about his time with One Direction. He knows that, eventually, the guys will all have to try something new and break out of their comfort zones. “This won’t last forever and there will be a point when we will break off and do our own things.”

Now, of course, that’s something we hate thinking about. Even if that does happen, Liam assures us that it’s not like they’ll stop making music:

First and foremost, the boys care about their friendship. Even if they all end up going solo, Liam “would love to write songs for them.​”

How great is it that Liam is open to, well, just about every single possible future in the music industry? If that means releasing a solo single, then great. But if that means penning amazing tracks for other artists (including, potentially, his 1D bandmates), then that’s great too.

It’s comforting to know that even if One Direction one day breaks up for good (which we hope never happens, but we have to consider as a possibility), they’d still be a part of each other’s lives. And, selfishly, we’re also very happy to hear that we’d still have new music from them (even if that music is made separately — *tear*) to look forward to.

Let’s just close our eyes and try to will this hiatus to go by faster, okay?

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