Liam Payne changed all his social media handles and Directioners are SHOCKED

Look, we know that the news that Liam Payne was officially leaving One Direction broke last month, but isn’t that enough change? Is our heartbreak not already profound?

Instead of having pity on us, Liam decided to switch things up even further by redoing his social media handles.

Say goodbye to Twittter’s @Real_Liam_Payne and Instagram’s @FakeLiamPayne — you’ll only ever see those guys again in old screenshots.

Now, Liam Payne is going by the simple, sleek, and straightforward @LiamPayne — on both Twitter and Instagram.

Like, we get it. But also, why?


Why did he have to do this to us?

We aren’t the only ones freaking out — Directioners took to Twitter to mourn the hilarious handles using the hashtags #RIPReal_Liam_Payne and #RIPFakeLiamPayne.



But some fans pointed out that this isn’t exactly the first time that Liam changed his name.

Liam has yet to really weigh in on the subject, instead only tweeting about a minor ant invasion that took over his place.

This, of course, prompted even more fans to offer up their opinions.

“Will the real Liam Payne please stand up?”

Some even suggested that the insect infestation was karmic retribution.


Look, we’re not saying you deserve to have to deal with all that ant ickiness, Liam. We’re just saying that you could’ve given us a little heads up. That’s all.


Still love you, though.


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