One Direction’s Liam Payne is a bigger ‘Harry Potter’ fan than all of us

In a recent interview on Nick Grimshaw’s Radio 1 Show, One Direction’s Liam Payne put all Harry Potter fans to shame when he revealed that one of the film franchise’s most memorable props now resides in his garden.

“You know the blue one, the flying one?” he said. “I bought one because I’m a bit of a geek.” Uh, yes, Liam, of course we know the blue flying car – Arthur Weasley’s robin’s egg Ford Anglia 105E. It’s the one that in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Fred, George, and Ron fly to Surrey to rescue Harry from the Dursley’s house. The car has been known to do damage to ancient, animated trees like the Whomping Willow, so hopefully Liam is keeping it a safe distance away from any valuable shrubbery in his garden.

It’s absolutely amazing that Liam owns one of the cars used in the movie. It’s estimated that at least 14 of the 15 stunt vehicles were totaled during filming, so Liam might have the only one that survived!

The 22-year-old also revealed that he was sorted into Harry and Ron’s beloved Gryffindor house on the Harry Potter site Pottermore. “My friend got Hufflepuff and I got Gryffindor,” he said, obviously very pleased. “He was so annoyed.” That sorting quiz can ruin friendships.

For those surprised that the One Direction member is so Harry Potter obsessed, maybe you missed that time he had a birthday cake that looked like a stack of Hogwarts required reading.

He also posted photos when he visited The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Florida. “Diagon ally” he excitedly wrote in the caption. “I always knew I was a wizard!”

I have no doubt that when he’s taking selfies like this . . .

 . . . He’s actually thinking this:

Let’s be real: Who can blame him?

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Images via Instagram (magical photoshopping by Christina Wolfgram) and Warner Bros/Giphy.

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