Liam Hemsworth just gave the classiest answer ever to a question about Miley Cyrus

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus met on the set of their film, The Last Song, back in 2009. Fast forward to 2012, and the two were inseparable and engaged. However, the year after that, they broke things off and it broke our hearts. The seemed to be ridiculously in love, and fit together so perfectly. But sometimes, that’s just how things go.

Both have been pretty mum about their relationship since the split, and dealt with it in their own ways (you guys have seen “Wrecking Ball,” right?). Now, almost two years after they broke up, Hemsworth is finally opening up about the relationship, and he’s actually saying some really amazing things about their time together. There’s no bitter resentment or hatred between these two — still, only love.

Talking to Men’s Fitness, the magazine asks him if he “dodged a bullet” thinking back on his relationship with Cyrus. But according to Hemsworth, there was no bullet to dodge. As he explains:

That’s actually incredibly sweet. We love that Liam has nothing but nice things to say about Miley even though they’re no longer together. Interviews like this make our hearts swell in the best way.

But it’s not like saying nice things about Miley is new for Hemsworth. In prior interviews, he’s has even gone on to comment they’re still “best friends.”  Sounds like even though they’re no longer an item, Miley and Liam still have a deep connection. And you can never break that.

(Image via Lionsgate.)