Liam Hemsworth makes rare social media appearance to gush over his love, Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus celebrated her 24th birthday on Wednesday, and in usual Miley style: surrounded by color. Fiance Liam Hemsworth sent her some yellow star-shaped happy-face Mylar balloons and a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. The Voice star basked in happiness while lying in bed with her bday spoils. “Best bday evaaaaaa!!!!!!! Thank you my loooooove,” she captioned the twitpic.

We want to live on Miley’s planet, where everything is yellow and flowers and unicorns and rainbows.

Apparently, Liam is very happy to be there. He posted a pic of his gift to Miley (the flowers and balloons were just foreplay), in which she holds up a a blinged-out box adorned with a unicorn. He really gets this girl.

Inside, Miley found a magical gold ring embedded with gem stones.

A Miley birthday is a very happy day indeed.

But what’s most striking about this is that Liam RARELY posts on social media and he almost never posts anything about Miley online (typical boyfriend behavior?). Actually, we counted and he only has two instagram posts with Miley and they are both #tbts, so…

So when us fangirls saw THIS photo, we were like  ? !

Alright Liam, let’s get more of those Miley pics a’coming on social media, okay?

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