Liam Hemsworth pranked Miley Cyrus, and she was NOT happy

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have a love story for the ages. But even though they’ve been together (on and off) since 2009, there’s still a lot we don’t know about the Hollywood couple. So any time we get a glimpse into their relationship and see their adorable dynamic, we fall even deeper in love with them. We swooned when Hemsworth gave Cyrus this thoughtful birthday gift for her 25th birthday back in November. And whenever Hemsworth gets gushy about Cyrus on Instagram, our hearts melt into big ol’ puddles on the floor.

But sweetness aside, there’s another side to their relationship that we love even more: the silly side. If you follow Miley and Liam on social media, you’ll know that in addition to gushing about how much he adores her, Liam also loves to prank her. Like, a lot. And his latest prank might have gotten the biggest reaction from her yet.

On Saturday, April 28th, Hemsworth posted a video of him spooking Cyrus when she rounded a corner. “I hate you, I’m gonna cry!” Cyrus exclaimed, covering her face. “I was already scared!” The best part of the video? The knowing grin on Liam’s face after pulling off a successful prank. He doesn’t even try to console her, he’s just super proud of himself. LOL.

Like we said, this isn’t even close to the first time Hemsworth has given Cyrus a scare.

On April 22nd, Cyrus posted a video of the duo dancing in the car while Hemsworth drove. But then, just when she’s finding her groove, he screams. She gets so spooked that she drops her phone. Even though we know it’s coming, it gets us every time.

We love seeing this side of your relationship, Miley and Liam. Never stop sharing these prank videos, okay?

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