Here’s Liam Hemsworth wearing a panda onesie —because you deserve it

Just like an Amazon Prime box you don’t remember ordering (but did anyway, and you’re kinda thankful for it, but whatever), sometimes the Internet blesses you with things you didn’t think you wanted or deserved.

I am here to tell you, this is one of those times.

This week on Live with Kelly and Michael bonafide babe Liam Hemsworth (seriously, when you look up “handsome dude everyone despite their personal preferences and relationship histories can’t get behind” in the dictionary, his Wiki pops up —go ahead, try it) stopped on by to wear a panda onesie, just because.

Well, the theme of the episode was some kind of pajama party (just ‘cause! Why else?) and he got in the spirit by cranking it up to 11.

According to Marie Claire, the Hunger Games star gabbed about how he’s probably the textbook-great boyfriend you never knew existed. This includes, but is certainly not limited to, holding a girl’s purse when her arm gets tired, and being classy to his exes.

Though this isn’t enough to completely reverse the patriarchy, we’ll take it as a simple victory for making us that much more excited to watch the latest Hunger Games sequel. Ball’s in your court, Josh Hutcherson! Whatcha got for us to drool over?

Check out the segment here:

(Image via YouTube)