Liam Hemsworth is especially proud of his new kissing selfie with Miley Cyrus

It’s no shocker that we love a good selfie. A good selfie is worth a thousand words, especially when it features fierce makeup or an unexpected something-something. And yes, that includes a selfie with a significant other. While there’s such a thing as too much PDA, we have a special place in our hearts for public displays of affection online. A good kissing selfie can really warm a heart, and apparently Liam Hemsworth thinks so, too, because he showed off a kissing selfie with fiancée Miley Cyrus.

Honestly, we would Instagram a kiss between us and Liam or Miley, and we’re not even engaged to either of them. So Liam, we get it. And we’d do the same.

In the selfie, we see Miley kissing the cheek of a very bearded Liam.

Done in what looks like some kind of cartoon filter, Liam and Miley look like comic book characters who are madly in love…or ones who at least love a good cheek kiss. Liam captioned the photo with, “life is way cooler in cartoon,” and according to this photo, it really looks like it is.

We love seeing photos of happy couples together, especially when their relationship has had some bumps in the past. This is especially true for celebrities like Liam, whose sporadic Instagram use is always leaving us wanting more. false

While Miley didn’t post the photo on her Instagram, she at least liked Liam’s post, which means he officially has her stamp of approval on the selfie. Now, can we get more photos of this beautiful couple ASAP?

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