Liam Hemsworth carries J-Law’s purse across the Great Wall of China, we melt

Well, this isn’t surprising. Liam Hemsworth went on Jimmy Kimmel last night and they talked all about his crazy touring schedule, including a stop in China. The actor, who plays Gale in the fourth and final installment of The Hunger Games (Mockingjay Part Two, which comes out on Friday), brought a picture to the show, which features him and his co stars all snuggled up on The Great Wall wearing adorable panda hoodies and…wait, is Hemsworth holding Jennifer Lawrence’s purse?

Yes, of course he is. The Hunger Games star (and our imaginary bestie) handed him her purse minutes into their trek across the wall because she didn’t want to hold it anymore. Girl, we feel you, but we’re never lucky enough to have a Greek statue like Liam Hemsworth around to be our personal coat room.

Hemsworth told Kimmel that this instance was “very Jen” and we believe him. Especially after that hilarious clip was released from one of her recent interviews—you know, when she and the interviewer were BOTH pranking each other and she stormed out. It’s clear our girl Jennifer marches to the beat of her own drum (as long as she doesn’t have to hold her purse).

Watch the full clip below!


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