Chris Hemsworth roasted his brother Liam for wearing short-shorts on Instagram

Liam Hemsworth recently posted a glorious pic that made us realize the true purpose of booty shorts: to be donned by the Hunger Games actor himself. In a recent post on Instagram, the actor showed off his capacity to truly fulfill the purpose of short-shorts by rocking a cool pair of trunks. And just when we thought this the photo would end all the world’s conflict, his brother Chris Hemsworth had some words to share. Apparently, there is one person on this planet who can’t get in line and appreciate what Liam did for us by sharing the pic, and it’s his big bro.

Earlier this week, Liam lit up Instagram when he posted a picture of himself wearing an itsy bitsy set of swim shorts.

The consensus on social media looked like this:

But, Chris Hemsworth was quick to bring everyone back to Earth.

"What was that about? You know what that felt like? That felt like a late Friday night, drunken kind of post. And then the following morning he's like, ‘I didn't. Did I? Oh no.' But he can't delete it now." Chris teased in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

When asked if he’d ever share a similar picture, Chris gave a response that we’ve decided to be optimistic about: “I don’t think so,” he said.

Which isn’t a hard “no.” So, there’s hope.

Despite giving his bro a hard time, Chris was pretty complimentary towards Liam and their competitive relationship.

“People try to pair us off like there’s this vicious competitiveness like, ‘Arghhh! You got that part and I didn’t,’ which isn’t the case. Get us at home, playing cricket or football or surfing or something, and yeah, there’s a great rivalry there — a very healthy one,” Chris added to ET.

Here’s hoping Chris posts a similar photo for us in the spirit of “healthy” sibling rivalry.