Liam Hemsworth returned to the beach where he first kissed Miley Cyrus for “The Last Song”

If you’re a real Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth fan, then you’ll surely remember the couple’s first kiss. Take a trip back to 2009, when Liam and Miley were meeting for the first time on the southern beaches of Tybee Island in Savannah, Georgia. The two were filming The Last Song, which just so happened to be where they had their first kiss.

It seems that, recently, Liam was feeling nostalgic — because he returned to the beach where that very kiss happened. He made the trek while filming Kellerman, which is also filming on Tybee Island. In the film, according to Variety, Liam plays a money launderer who suffers from amnesia after a freak accident.

But what exactly was Liam doing at this beach, in all his shirt-free glory? Was he simply filming? Or was he commemorating his partner, Miley Cyrus? Our guess is that Liam returned here for a love ritual, during which he thanked Venus, goddess of love born from the sea, for blessing him with Miley. And maybe he threw his shirt into the ocean as an offering, to really prove his devotion to his significant other. Just kidding.

But seriously, we wonder what Liam was getting into…

Either way, we hope that he enjoyed the Georgia sun, and the beach where he first fell in love. Now. can he and Miley make the trip together so we can get some cute couple photos of them? We wouldn’t complain about them reenacting their first kiss either.

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