These LGBT YouTubers helped me embrace my sexuality

At 16, I realized I might like girls a little bit more than as just friends. But, coming from a super conservative household (I wasn’t even allowed to watch Harry Potter) this was simply not something I could discuss with my parents. So I turned to YouTube for help.

After all, YouTube had teach me how to apply on eye shadow, turn my jeans into shorts, and charge my mp3 player with an onion (okay, this last one didn’t work but you get the point — YouTube was where I turned for lessons in life). Surely, I thought, it could also teach me a thing or two about figuring out who I was. And it turns out, I was right.

The YouTube LGBT community is more than just a group of people that make entertaining viral videos; this community has become a source of comfort and inspiration. Proving that there’s nothing more wonderful — or viral — than being yourself.

Check out these YouTubers that are speaking up for the LGBT community in a BIG way:

  1. Tyler Oakley

I can’t make a YouTube list, especially one of LGBT vloggers, and not include Tyler Oakley. Tyler has over 6 million subscribers who tune in to watch his hilarious videos. It’s impossible not to fall for his sassiness and quirky humor. And his reach is growing beyond what people ever thought possible for a YouTube personality. I mean, he got to interview Michelle Obama. Mind blown? Yes. Mind definitely blown.

  1. Davey Wavey

Have a question about…well, anything gay-related? Chances are Davey has already answered it in one of his more than 600 videos. Along with making you laugh, Davey’s videos are super informative and tackle big questions that no one else has really tried answering in such a public and accessible forum before. Plus, he’s a total cutie and you’ll want to be BFFs with him almost immediately. 

  1. Arielle Scarcella

Warning: Once you watch one of Arielle’s videos, it’s impossible not to stop. Prepare to get sucked in for 4-6 hours of wonderfully hilarious YouTube videos. Do you have questions about being a lesbian or the gay community in general? Then grab the popcorn and binge watch Arielle’s “Lesbians Explain!” and “What Lesbians Do” series.  It’s addicting, I tell you!

  1. RoseEllenDix

So you know that feeling you get when you see a cute couple and you just want to cry, laugh, and run to hug them? No, just me? Well, that’s the feeling I get when I watch Rose and Rosie. Yep, even their names are freaking adorable. These British beauties are more than just buttercups of cuteness (did I say that out loud?), they are also incredibly hilarious and will keep you laughing from start to finish. Subscribe to watch them fight over playing video games, complete drunk challenges, and plan their wedding. Yes, they’re getting married guys!

  1. V-Squared

Vin is from New York and Luke is from England, and they endured the trials of a long-distance relationship for seven years! Yes, seven years of long distance love would be tough for any couple, but good news: They recently married and now live together in the UK. Follow this adorable couple for proof that married life just gets better, whether you’re straight or gay.

  1. Kaelyn and Lucy

These two beautiful ladies had a long distance relationship for four years — watch their old videos to see the oh-so-emotional airport reunions every few months. In addition to being incredibly cute together, Kaelyn and Lucy also post videos about how to stay fit and healthy, how to come out to friends and family, and how to deal with anxiety. A cute, sexy, and smart couple. What more could you want?

  1. Stevie

Need tips on how to come out, how to deal with haters, or just in the mood for a lesbian Christmas song? Yes, I did say lesbian Christmas song. If that’s the case, then Stevie is your girl. Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe to her “Stevie and Sarah” channel to watch vlogs between Stevie and her girlfriend.

  1. Connor Franta

Connor’s videos don’t really focus on LGTB issues, but he made the list just for his powerful and raw “Coming Out” video. If there’s one Connor Franta video you’re going to watch, this is it. In the video, Connor talks about his struggle accepting who he is and coming out. Everybody who has been in the closet can relate to Connor’s story. It’s honest, emotional, and most importantly, inspirational.

  1. Jelly&DayVlog

Prepare to laugh your butt off with these two! This adorable couple keeps it real and entertaining every single second. Watch them take spontaneous road trips all over America, complete challenges, and prank each other. There’s nothing more charming than watching two people being themselves completely in love. You’ll get hooked!

(Image via Tyler Oakley.)

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