Meet Lewys Ball, Rimmel London’s newest face and the next big male makeup superstar

Breaking out of age-old gender norms feels so good! On the heels of MAC’s newest male spokesperson and Covergirl’s first ever Coverboy comes 17-year-old YouTuber Lewys Ball for Rimmel London. The androgynously gorgeous British star announced via Instagram that the collab is underway with a bright faced, mid-vogue pose. The influx of male-identifying makeup wearers has blown up on Instagram in the last few years, often giving lifelong makeup users a run for our money and some major makeup inspo via popular tutorials. We mean, have you seen James Charles’ insta feed lately? Dude is changing the game for the better with every post.

Imagine this cheery face greeting you down the makeup aisle at your favorite drugstore!

“So happy to announce I have joined the Rimmel family as their ambassador for their new campaign…Unpredictable, authentic, dramatic – the London Look is whatever you want it to be no matter where you are in the world. Makeup is for everybody to wear, it doesn’t matter who you are,” says Lewys in the caption for this short Rimmel London ad. In it, he preps his enviable eyebrows and celebrates his individuality alongside Cara Delevingne and other famous Rimmel faces.

The news comes right after an 18-year-old petitioner in the UK spoke out on the awkwardness and discomfort of seeing all-female faces in the makeup aisle when you’re a man who wears makeup. “It makes you feel like you shouldn’t be wearing it,” he explained, “because you don’t see men wearing it on the stands and adverts. It makes you feel alienated and not accepted by the brands that are featuring women only.” We’re happy to see things evolving toward more inclusivity, and besides, men have been wearing war paint all throughout history!


Welcome to the limelight, Lewys! We’re excited to flip past your adorable mug the next time we cruise through mags at the dentist!

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