The Force is strong within this magically levitating Yoda cake

Things Yoda has levitated via the Force: an X-Wing and cake. Probably the two most important things he could levitate, to be honest. One of them happened during The Empire Strikes Back, and the other just happened at the Cake International Show this past weekend. Peboryon bakery in Cornwall, U.K. made a cake Yoda, and then they made a cake that Yoda lifted off the ground and held in mid-air.

Peboryon bakery is owned by Christine Jensen who explained to Today that when entering Cake International this year, she and her husband wanted to do something different. Her husband, who has a background in architecture, thought that they could really wow the crowd by not only making a Yoda cake — which is impressive enough as it is — but one that actually floats off the ground. The couple spent “months” working on it, and the hard work most certainly paid off.

What they did was create a regular two-tier cake. But the top tier FLOATS. How? Jensen won’t say. But as she told Today, “there’s no smoke, there’s no mirrors, there’s no string.” So it must be a due to a high Midi-chlorian count.

“It was totally worthwhile to see people walk up and see their faces,” she explained to Today. “The children would get up on chairs so they could see the gap. We’d explain that Yoda, even though he is small, he’s very powerful.”

Check out the videos of this magical floating cake below, and according to Jensen, the cake feeds over 600. Remember that next time you’re looking to cater a celebration party on Endor.

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