Cars are casually levitating (but there’s an explanation as to why)

We’ve all been pretty bummed at the fact that 2015 came without the creation and mass production of flying cars as was promised to us in a certain Michael J. Fox movie, but here’s something interesting that might make you wonder if we aren’t already living among vehicles with levitating powers. A video out of Xingtai, China, is currently making the rounds showing a a few cars coming up to an intersection and then mysteriously levitating. There doesn’t appear to be any signs of an earthquake nor do we see any evidence of extraterrestrial life (sorry, X-Files fans, you’ll have to wait a bit longer to see UFOs). So what on Earth is happening here?

Is it magic? Nope. The answer is a lot simpler than that, although we’re sad to admit it’s not nearly as exciting as the thought of these Terrafugia cars roaming the air someday. Just like a puppet will fly on a string, so too did these cars, thanks to a thick cable that got caught in the middle of the road.

According to the Internet, a random cable got tangled up in the brushes of a street-cleaning vehicle, creating something of a trip-wire effect at the intersection. This must’ve been one thick cable because it was able to lift three vehicles right up off the ground without even snapping. I gotta say, the calm reactions of the few passersby by we see in the vid are kind of surprising, but maybe their minds were still catching up to what their eyes had just seen. Here’s the full video in case you want to judge for yourself:

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