You can now buy jeans that will give you a wedgie on purpose

Calling all denim lovers: Levi’s just released one of their most flattering pairs of pants yet. Introducing Wedgie Fit Jeans. Yes, you read that correctly—these jeans are designed to give you a permanent wedgie. According to, the pants “[hug] your waist and hips, showcasing your best assets.”

Wedgie jeans are form-fitting jeans with a high waist. They’re slim, but not skinny. They’re fitting, but not tight. So basically, if you’re looking to show off a little derrière and you don’t mind some mild-to-medium discomfort, these are the jeans for you.

Levi’s teased the Wedgie jeans a few weeks ago on Instagram, and they were well-received in the comments section.

A week later, the jeans launched. And so far, they seem to be pretty popular.

So far there’s only one review on the Levi’s website, and it’s giving the new jeans all five stars:

These are definitely the mullet of the denim world: They’re business in the front, party in the back. The jeans look unassuming from the front: Just your classic high-waisted denim with frayed bottoms. But in the back, things get interesting. The Wedgie fit is inspired by vintage Levi’s and feature slightly tilted pockets to enhance the round shape of your behind. They even come with a little apple embroidered on one of the pockets. (Get it?)

You can grab a pair of classic denim Wedgie jeans for $88. A white pair will run you $128, and a lighter denim wash is a bit more at $158. Get your Wedgie on!

(Images via Instagram)

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