A 6-year-old invented the word “levidrome,” and he needs your help getting it added to the Oxford Dictionary

Levi Budd is a pretty smart kid. After all, the six year old invented the word “levidrome.” What’s it mean? Well, he’s used it to label words that make a completely different word when spelled backwards. Pretty impressive, right? And this kid inventor is just getting started. According to his parents, he sparked the need for the term when he realized how many words he could make into a new word just by spelling them backwards. It all began when he flipped “stop” and realized it made the word “pots.” Apparently, he then began a journey of trying to find as many words as he could that fit into this category.

Levi stumped his parents when they couldn’t answer his question. What is it called when a word spelled backwards makes a new word? So the word “levidrome” was made. And now he’s trying to get it added to the official english dictionary! Hey, if Scooby Doo’s Scooby Snacks can make it into the Oxford Dictionary, why not “levidrome”? Dictionaries are hearing Levi’s plea, and they’ve got their responses for him. It seems like there’s a little more that Levi has to do before his word makes it in print.


The Oxford Dictionary has also weighed in.

Luckily, we can all help.

Levi’s taken to the internet for help making “levidrome” happen.

With the help of his dad, he’s asking for us to start using the word so it can become common vernacular. It makes so much sense, and it’s kinda wild that we haven’t had a word to describe this specific phenomenon before!

What’s more, celebrity backers like William Shatner are already aiding his project!

And anybody can get involved.


We have hope for Levi and his levidromes. After all, it just makes sense.

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