5-year-old’s letter to Obama about marriage equality makes our hearts swell

Our hearts are feeling the political feelings today thanks to Yasmeen, a 5-year-old girl who spoke her mind in the best way. Yasmeen had some opinions on certain political issues she wanted to share with President Obama, but like most humans not directly related to or working with the President of the United States of America, she couldn’t just call him up. So Yasmeen did what she knows how to do — she wrote him a letter.

In the letter she wrote, “I am 5, almost 6 years old. Please stop war for our world, instead have a meeting. Please give a speech to tell everyone they can marry who they want. Thank you.”

Not only is Yasmeen’s letter well thought-out and direct, she makes two valid points. Of course, things aren’t quite as simple as just having a meeting instead of going to war, but Yasmeen, what a lovely idea and we think you’re on to something.

Yasmeen’s proud aunt photographed the letter and tweeted it to the President’s new Twitter account @POTUS.

The chances of the President of the US of A responding to any letter or tweet are usually pretty slim —  not like Santa Claus slim, but definitely not a huge possibility (he’s kinda busy, after all). But to the surprise of probably everyone (probably not to Yasmeen though), he saw it, responded, and our hearts filled with joy.

Yasmeen’s letter has been retweeted over four thousand times, and, like most political issues, has garnered both positive and negative responses. Yasmeen’s aunt tweeted this fantastic response to one supporter:

We, too, stand by Yasmeen and hope that this story will help all kids feel like their voices are also worth hearing.

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