This kid’s thank you letter to his teacher is super sweet and going viral

The school year has only just begun and already a 5th grader in Richmond, Virginia, is singing the praises of his new teacher.

Only eight days into the term, Jamil Mashore, a student at J.E.B. Stewart Elementary School, wrote a letter to his teacher, Miriam Thomas, thanking her for being the best teacher he’s ever had. He went on to list all the reasons why he’s never been so happy to go to school every day. Mrs. Thomas was so touched to receive the unexpected letter, she cried (when you read it, you will definitely see why).

Since then, Jamil’s act of kindness has gone viral. And it’s no wonder. He’s written every teacher’s dream letter:

Good Morning Mrs. Thomas

You are the best teacher I have ever had. You are nice but at the same time you don’t play. You’re reasonable. I think of you as my school mom. I am happy that I am in 5th grade and in your class. You get me motivated in the morning and exited (sic) to learn. This is the 1st year I have ever been happy to go to school. You make me feel better in the mornings when I’m not feeling good and I understand my work better because of the way you teach. I’m ready for whatever you throw at me! I am very EXCITED to be in your class this year. When I graduate next year I will thank YOU again. This message to you is short because I have to go to bed soon. 

We can only imagine how touched Mrs. Thomas was to receive this heartfelt missive. And we have to say, we totally understand why Mashore is so happy to have her as a teacher this year. She sounds 100 percent awesome. Nice, but serious. Motivating and inspiring. Makes kids feel better when they’re blah. No wonder Mashore is ready for whatever she throws at him. (Come at me, knowledge!)

We also love the part about Mrs. Thomas being his “school mom.” It sort of sounds like a 10-year-old’s version of a work spouse.

When asked why he decided to write a letter to his teacher, Mashore told his local news station, “She has a teacher life and a personal life, so I thought just to take my time out to write her a letter, that would make her at least a little happier.”

Wow, that is not only super sweet, it’s really astute for an elementary school kid. When I was that age, if I saw one of my teachers out “in the wild” (anywhere in public, outside of school hours) it totally blew my mind. I think I thought they lived in their classrooms. But clearly Mashore is wiser than I was at that age. He seems pretty amazing in general.

Mrs. Thomas told 8 News, “We’re not just here to teach academics. Reading and writing and math, that’s important. But we’re also here to teach them to be good citizens, to be kind to each other so when they grow up they’re be contributing members of society.”

It certainly sounds like that message is sinking in, especially where Mashore is concerned.

[Images via @8NEWS on Twitter.]

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