Express yourself with a colorful custom letter necklace

Remember those custom letter necklaces that were around when you were a kid? You could choose from different letter blocks to spell out your name or whatever word you wanted. Having custom jewelry like that around was awesome, especially if you were given a unique name at birth. It was always a bummer if you looked and looked, but never found your name among the rows of personalized keychains, mini license plates and other tchotchkes at tourist gift shops.

Luckily, we are now living in a world where we can get pretty much anything we want made. Isn’t that just REMARKABLE when you think about it? We can get a cute, colorful handmade necklace with any saying we dream up! Get your own beautiful name, your darling pet’s moniker or if you love Drake enough to wear your devotion for him around your neck, get his name!

Other ideas include a necklace that depicts your favorite snack food, your favorite saying, a random word or a movie character. If you prefer something even more unique, you can make a numeric-themed necklace too! The Lost numbers, anyone?

Custom name necklace, starting at $18

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