A Letter to The Jogger Pant: Hi, I Love You

Dear Jogger Pants,

First of all, let me just say that I am sweatpants girl through and through. I know you’ve probably heard that before, but I’m extremely serious about how serious my love is for all things comfy and stretchy. This is my hierarchy of ideal ways to dress myself: sweatpants –> jeans –> dresses –> skirts –> shorts. It’s true that jeans have their place in the world, and when I find a pair that finally fit me, I will wear them to the ground. Dresses are fun and airy, skirts are okay (they do a lot of riding up, is my thing, which is dangerous), and shorts promote a lot of chaffing (the worst!). My perfect outfit? An oversized soft tee, black leggings or yoga pants, statement flats. But you, Jogger Pants, have revolutionized the way us comfy gals can pull off being comfy and fancy.

So, fancy pants, you know what I mean, right? There are so many times I dread leaving my apartment because it means I have to dress “appropriately” or whatever. Whether it’s work or going out to the bars, I can’t always be wearing my sweatpants. I have to suck it up, slip on some skinny jeans and try to make the best out of my situation. But now, Jogger Pants, you’ve completely changed the game.

You are perfect for any occasion, such as:

1. Your co-worker’s baby-shower you don’t really feel like going to but have to because you already bought the PERFECT ironic onesie at American Apparel. 

2. A hangover brunch with your friends, where the thought of wearing anything not flow-y and delicate shoots searing pains through your legs and heart.

3. Dinner with the in-laws, which is always nerve-racking and slightly uncomfortable.

4. A mid-day escape to Starbucks so you can drink liquid crack and tackle deadlines and your overflowing e-mail inbox.

5. A late dinner date with your girlfriend, which usually means you will most likely be ordering mac and cheese appetizers and cocktails instead of meals.

6. Work. Totally work.

7. Your road trip to Vegas, which means you’ll be stuck in your car at least until you reach Barstow to eat some In-N-Out. 

8. A first date. You get it, girl. 

Okay, so you get the point. Jogger Pants are perfect for any kind of social situation, and I love that. Another reason why I love you, Jogger Pants? You are so, so stylish:

Jogger Pants by Sanctuary, $99 at Nordstrom.  

Happy Gypsy Pants by RVCA, $20 at Pacsun

Textured Knit Floral Pant by Pins and Needles, $39 at Urban Outfitters. 

Jogger Pants, you never fail to disappoint. I was hesitant at first and unsure of how to wear you, but it turns out the options are endless. I can wear you with heels and go for an I’m-so-classy-I-can’t-even-take-it look. Or, I can easily slip on a pair of sandals and go boho. Pair you with a button-up, a top-bun, and go into the office looking effortlessly put together? Yes.

I’ll have to admit that I was incredibly intimidated by you. After all, you originated from MC Hammer’s wardrobe circa 1988, and you have recently been worn by fashion gurus such as Beyonce, Katie Price, Kim Kardashian, Gwen Stefani, and Rihanna. I had to convince myself that it was okay for a non-royal such as myself to wear you. But once I did, I realized it was silly to be afraid.

Thank you, Jogger Pants, for what you have given us. Thank you allowing us the capabilities to be bold, yet incredibly comfortable.


Your #1 Fan (Gina)

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