Letter from the Editor: Why is it already July?

I’m not sure how it happened. All I know, is that it suddenly became June, thigh-chafing, boob sweating, illegal firework exploding on the streets of L.A. June. I tucked away my tights, sweat pants, and booties for fall, giving my colder weather gear a silent funeral. And now? It’s July (at least, almost July at time of publishing). I have no 4th of July weekend plans that involve grills or apple pie. I have no shorts that still fit me. I hate corn on the cob. After the 4th comes even sweatier weather that lasts until October (at least here in Southern California). How did we get here?

The good news, is that we’re halfway through the year, and I think that allows us to press a “reset” button. It certainly does for the HelloGiggles staff, at least. We’ve been hard at work on new projects that we hope you, our wonderful and smart readers, will love.

First of all, we’re launching a vertical called The Blend, and it will showcase stories by editors and writers who identify as multiracial. HG copyeditors Nicole Adlman and Mia Nakaji Monnier will helm this great, much-needed space on the site, and anyone is welcome to contribute (email me at [email protected] for more info) once we get it up and running. Expect to see some good stuff from Nicole and Mia mid-July.

We’ll be accepting more essays. Please share your stories! We’re looking for narratives on: how you’re surviving this political climate, friendship, gender and sexuality, sex, love, motherhood, race, hardships you’ve overcome, the relationship you have with your body, what it means to be a woman/non-binary individual in a time of internet, and more. Email [email protected].

We’re also working on a few more projects, but those will be revealed in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, here are some of my favorites, lately:

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And just in case you missed it, we helped launch The Pretty! The Pretty is a beauty vertical that is all-video and features how-tos, tips, tricks, and more. Most of the videos are created here in our HelloGiggles studio, but The Pretty also features gorgeous stuff from Real Simple as well as Instant. Check it out!

[tempo-video id=”5471404080001″ account=”4607804089001″]

[tempo-video id=”5471255134001″ account=”4607804089001″]

Read those stories and watch these videos in the car on your way to your second cousin’s lake cabin this weekend. Bookmark them if you have to. See you next month, babes.