Letter from the editor: Let’s talk about moms

It’s probably safe to say that a lot of us have complicated relationships with our moms. One of the reasons it took me 6+ months to finish Season 1 of Gilmore Girls is because my human brain couldn’t comprehend the idea of a mother and daughter being such good friends (also because everyone talked too fast, nobody talks that fast), and also if I’m being honest with myself and with you, because I was jealous. It’s not productive to be jealous of two fictional characters on a WB show, and very deep in my guts I know 90% of mother-daughter relationships aren’t this fun and precious, but I couldn’t help it. I always wanted what Rory had: a mom who was her BESTIE. A mom who was cool with talking about sex! Sewed beautiful prom dresses from clothing scraps! Ordered pizza every night for dinner!

And Lorelai and Rory aren’t the only ones with this kind of dynamic. There’s Jane and Xiomara from Jane the Virgin.  Sister Sister‘s Tia and Tamara have an open and honest relationship with their cool mom, Lisa. And the very real Kris Jenner is, like, both momager AND best friend to the Kardashian-Jenner sisters — in a way that can even be kind of unsettling sometimes! Chill moms have always been abound on TV, offering their daughters unconditional love and companionship, and impromptu road trips.

But, many of us don’t have such a chummy, manic pixie relationship with our mom. And maybe that’s okay, or maybe it’s not. Maybe you want to work on it more, or maybe you don’t. Maybe you haven’t spoken to your mom in months, or years — or maybe you called her up yesterday asking for relationship advice, or that one Rice Krispy treat recipe she always used when you were little. Maybe May is a hard month for you, like it is for me, in the sense that you feel like an alien on Mother’s Day, or maybe you already have your mom’s gift wrapped and it’s sitting in your closet, gleaming with love and something untouchable.

This month at HelloGiggles, we want your mom stories, if you are ready to share them. Everyone has a unique relationship with their mother, and we want to reflect and capture that. Pitch us at [email protected]. Or, if you want to talk shit about Gilmore Girls with me, I’m also happy to do that. Email me at [email protected]. Whatever you do, and however you feel, just know that you’re not alone.