Letter from the Editor: It’s time to play that one Vitamin C song on repeat

Graduation day is somehow always the first hottest day of summer (technically spring, but whatevs). And it’s the worst, because you’re in your hundred-and-fifty dollar polyester gown, and your eyeliner is melting off and collecting in the corners of your eyes, and you are just really, really, really hoping your principal or dean pronounces your last name correctly (maybe that was just me).

Maybe it’s been two years since you walked on that stage and excepted your diploma. Maybe it’s been twenty. Maybe you didn’t graduate at all, which is totally cool. Because no matter how long it’s been, or if it even happened at all, “graduation” can mean so many things — especially in the beginning of summer.

Like, maybe you finished a huge project at work. Or you finally read Jane Eyre all the way through. Or you broke up with your jerk boyfriend/girlfriend and feel really great about it. June isn’t just for celebrating the end of school — it’s for celebrating all you’ve accomplished so far this year. It’s for giving yourself some credit, and a break.

This June, I plan on logging more: time spent reading in bed until noon during the weekend, days at the beach, phone calls and texts to my friends across the country, and nail art. Definitely more nail art.

So, cheers to the beginning of summer — the season of so many ends, but so many beginnings.