This is the letter to embrace if you want to be as gender neutral and inclusive as possible!

Typically, the world has adopted the standard titles of “Mr,” and “Ms” to signify male and female gender. However, things tend to get a bit muddled when addressing a person who identifies as non-binary or genderqueer. But there is a simple solution to combat this issue!

Going forward, a lowercase “x” will be used to denote gender-neutrality. So “Mr” and “Ms” become “Mx” (pronounced like “Mux” or “Mix”). This difference is a critical step toward the larger effort to ensure that our everyday lives reflect the current shifts in society, similar to the introduction of gender-neutral school uniforms, the increasingly common use of gender-neutral baby names, and the conversation around “all-gender” bathroom policies. We’re proud to say that the title “Mx” has already entered the Mirriam-Webster dictionary, and it’s anticipated to soon be used in the workplace and the home.


Since the tragic Orlando shooting in a LGBTQIA nightclub on “Latin Night”, a gender-neutral and non-binary title for Latino and Latina is being used more and more (the word already existed, however, but we’re glad to see more people are becoming educated about the available terminology everyone can use). false

This progressive change in language might be slightly hard to remember at first, but don’t worry if you experience any hiccups! Everyone in the world is being introduced to this idea that “x” marks gender-neutral, so we’re all in it together.

Also, these titles are mostly used in official forms and written publications, and not in everyday speech, so the most likely scenario is that you’ll see the change reflected in print before the time comes to actually use it yourself.