Let’s Vent: Pet Peeves

Let’s talk pet peeves. We all have them, don’t we? And usually we have to ignore them or keep quiet when we’re confronted with them – because (apparently) it’s not cool to run around all judgy and finger-pointy at people. But today, because we all deserve it, I say let’s vent!

So, without further ado, here are my top ten (there may have been more) pet peeves:

1. People pronouncing certain words with an accent. Lady at the coffee shop this morning, this is America. You’re eating a “croissant”, not a “kwusaahn”. And don’t even get me started on Giada and her ‘MOH-TSAH-DRELLL-AHHH!” She’s so cute and sweet, why does she have to ruin it with her talking?

2. People who don’t know the difference between the right and the left lane. GAH! Just to clarify, the left lane is for normal-fast drivers, the right lane is for my Grandma. If you’re going take a Sunday drive in the left lane, then please get used to me having an extremely close relationship with your bumper.

3. When people have phone conversations in restrooms. Especially! When they are in a stall (?!?!??) Never is that okay. And who, may I ask, are you talking to that is okay with being on the other end of that?

4. When people don’t clean up their dog’s doodies. Grody. You’re not Jason Segel(NSFW), so just pick up the poo.

5. People who wait in line for food but then don’t know what to order when they get to the front of the line. You have a moral obligation to figure out your order while you wait in line. Otherwise, you don’t deserve to eat.

6. Putting the empty Brita pitcher back in the refrigerator. Really? Are you just cooling the canister for me? How kind.

7. People blowing their nose onto the ground while running. Listen, I totally understand if you have the sniffles and need to use your sleeve as an emergency tissue – nobody wants you to be uncomfortable. But for the love of Ryan Gosling, please don’t make me dodge your snot rockets.

8. When I’ve already pressed the button for the elevator and the light is on but someone will come up and push it again. Yes, because now it will REALLY come.

9. Irrelevant Facebook status updates. I truly, truly do not care if you’re “sooo tired today.” Or if your most important thought in the last six hours is, “WTF rain!” And I really do not want to hear about everything you ate today. Unless you’re my husband, in which case – make me a sammich!

10. Tangled earbuds. That is all.

Phew! That felt good. Now please don’t leave me hanging on a judgmental limb all by myself – let’s hear some of your peeves…

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