Let’s take a minute (or ten) to look at pictures of Hobbit homes, shall we?

The newest Hobbit movie, The Battle of Five Armies, is coming out this December (the 17th to be exact), and I may or may not be eagerly counting down the days. Well no, let’s be real. I am. I’m really excited, because from what I’ve heard, it’s going be EPIC. According to Entertainment Weekly, the film will feature a 45 minute battle scene. Director Peter Jackson says, “We have dwarves, and men and elves and orcs, all with different culture, with different weapons, and different shields and patterns and tactics.” All very true. Will it be even more insane than the battle in Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King? We’ll just have to wait and see.

In the meantime, here’s a collection of 10 amazing hobbit-like homes from around the world, because we all love hobbits. And we all love their cozy, adorable houses.

1) If Dr. Seuss built a hobbit house.

2) A hobbit hideaway.

 3) Here’s a hobbit house built right into the earth.

4) A hobbit home with a skylight.

5) Hobbit homes in Switzerland are super chic.

6) Here’s a hobbit house right out of a storybook… Where’s Snow White?

7) Check out this hobbit house in the sky.

8) Here’s a hobbit house complete with hobbit hipsters.

9) A hobbit home built around a tree.

10) Hobbit homes hidden in the hills.

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