Let’s stare at this cotton candy cat hairstyle all day

For cat lovers, there isn’t such a thing as too much cat stuff. Bring on the cat coloring books, the cat onesies and every cat-themed makeup that exists. For people who want to go even further when it comes to their kitty fandom but don’t want to permanently ink a portrait of their feline friend on their body, there’s a new way to display your love — cat hair!

We don’t mean wearing a coat made out of your cat’s fur shedding. According to Mashable, a woman named Katichka posted a photo of her new look, which features a cat’s face shaved into her hair.

Katichka first split-dyed her hair into candy-colored blue and pink shades, then shaved the kitty-themed design into her undercut. As Mashable points out, shaving a design into hair is nothing new, but using it as a homage to your favorite animal? That’s pretty unique.