This woman telling her friend he’s definitely not her boyfriend on national television is our new shero

If you’ve got a crush on a friend, here’s a good tip — you might not want to appear on a game show together and declare you’re dating on national television. Which seems to be exactly what happened on a recent episode of Let’s Make A Deal hosted by Wayne Brady. Let’s Make A Deal is a legendary daytime television show that originally aired in the ’60s. These days, it’s the lead-in to The Price Is Right. Brady’s been hosting since the show was revived back in 2009.

And things got, um, interesting on the April 27th episode, when Brady asked contestants Steve and Jessie how long they’ve been together. Confidently, Steve states it’s been six months. Jessie, however, seems slightly surprised. “We’re friends,” she says firmly.


She went on to try to explain that he wants to be more, and that she’s definitely single. And Steve didn’t look happy. Take a look at the now-viral moment.

Props if you watched that without making this face:

Okay, while part of us of course feels for Steve (because who doesn’t know the pain of unrequited loved?), we’re also 100% cheering for Jessie’s confident response and assertion that no, sir, you are not in fact a couple. And you probably shouldn’t be pushing for it in front of an audience when you haven’t discussed it with the person in question in private. Because we’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, the “friend zone” is not a thing, because nobody is entitled to a romantic relationship with anyone else, and being “just” friends should be celebrated and respected.

Hopefully the pair worked everything out on their trip to Mexico…

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