Let’s Learn How To Do Pizza Nails!

Pizza is my absolute, most favorite food. I could eat it for every meal, every day, since both breakfast pizza and dessert pizza are real things. I mean, they don’t call me Sarah Marinara for nothin’.

To celebrate recently becoming a licensed manicurist, I wanted to show y’all how to create pizza nails for yourself! So, let’s order a pizza, set up something on Netflix and get this nail party started!

1. Start with clean, blank nails. Using a white striper polish, draw a V shape on your nail (like the photo below). After you let the lines dry for a couple seconds, fill them in with a very thin coat of white polish. This will serve as the base for your pizza!

2. Once the white triangles have dried, you’re going to add the cheese with yellow nail polish. I used the brush from the bottle, and added a thin layer of yellow over the white, leaving a little bit of white along the free edge. Clean up makes this look A LOT better, so I used an eyeliner brush dipped in pure acetone to clean up any excess yellow along the edges of the slices.

3. Time to add the crust! This will really help make your slices come to life. Use a nude colored lacquer to line the leftover white along the free edge, almost like a French Manicure.

4. Now for the best part, TOPPINGS! Use whatever polish and tools you have at your disposable to create your favorite pizza combination. I used a dotting tool to create the pepperonis and sausage, and a toothpick to create the olives, peppers and mushrooms.

5. Hit them with a top coat and you’re done! Celebrate your amazing nail art abilities with a slice of your favorite pizza.

Here’s the list of products I used to create this look:

  • It’s So Easy Nails Stripe Rite in White
  • Julep Abbie (for cheese)
  • Julep Teresa (for crust)
  • Julep Brandt (for olives)
  • Julep January (for pepperoni)
  • Julep Leah (for jalapenos)
  • Julep Debra (for mushrooms)
  • OPI San Tan-tonio (for sausage)
  • Dotting tools
  • Eyeliner brush & Pure Acetone (the clear stuff) for clean-up
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