Let’s All Celebrate Khloe’s Killer Kurves

Khloe has always been my favorite Kardashian. She’s foul-mouthed, she’s funny and I’d imagine she’s a blast to sit next to at basketball games. Or anywhere, really. Jury duty, even. Also, she and Lam-Lam are adorable. That is love, ya’ll. I especially enjoyed the episode of Khloe and Lamar where she turned Rob’s old room into a sex playground. Four stars for creativity and goin’ big with the naughtiness. I could do without the baby voices, but if that’s her biggest (on-screen) fault, I’ll let it slide. She also refuses to put up with BS. From momager Kris to Lamar’s lazy friend Jamie to the general public and our criticisms of her family, her life and her weight … She’s got bigger balls than Scott Disick. You betta READ, hunty. On rumors that she’s not a “real” Kardashian and that her trouble conceiving has caused trouble in her marriage, Khloe says:

More importantly, she doesn’t just flaunt her bodacious curves in body-con dresses and (accidental) nipple-baring blouses (bonus points for laughing off Simon Cowell’s joke that the “air conditioning [was] on high” during her first night hosting The X Factor), she’s openly embraced her curves these days and in a recent interview with Glamour, instantly became a role model for positive body image.

I couldn’t agree more. As someone whose weight fluctuates depending on the season/my emotions/my guilt about my monthly gym fee, I am constantly struggling with what my own idea of personal beauty is. But at the end of the day, I like to eat fatty food, I dig oversized shirts, and if I have to lay on my back to zip up my favorite skinny  jeans every now and then, so be it. I’m happy, I’m healthy and at least my badass leopard ankle booties will ALWAYS fit.

So you do you, girl. You do you. (And lemme know how that bed swing works out when you get it fixed).

Featured image via Shutterstock