Let other people text for you with this new app

It can be ridiculously hard to think of fabulous replies when you’re texting, especially if you’re in a conversation with someone special. Sometimes, responding to an open-ended question like, “What are you up to?” can send even the most nimble texter into a tailspin. What am I up to? Do I send the truth (“about to spend my sixth consecutive hour on Tumblr”) or do I embellish (“finishing important research”). And then do I have to ask the question back? “What are you up to?”

Texting gets stressful! Writing the perfect response can be more difficult than writing a 10-page term paper. Of course, you could turn to your friends for advice, run some potential texts by them. Or you could ask the Internet. Why not? Desperate texts call for desperate measures.

Enter: Textie, a new website devoted to helping users “crowdsource the ultimate replies to tricky text messages.” Here’s how it works: Those plagued by writer’s block upload the text that’s stumping them. Then, good Samaritans submit suggestions for how to reply. If the texter is in a pinch, she can pay 99¢ to bump up her submission.

The site is pretty simple, but appears to be helping a lot of people. While many of the submissions are general—like the dreaded “what’s up?”—there’s a smattering of personal messages. One user apparently doesn’t know how to respond to, “Do you love me?” Luckily, this person has a variety of suggestions to choose from, including the wise, “Yes, but only as a friend,” to a link to the “Never Gonna Give You Up” music video.

Selena Larson wrote on The Daily Dot that she thinks Textie makes conversations less genuine.

She makes an interesting point. What do you think? Would you ever use a website like Textie or would you rather think up responses on your own?

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