Let Clark Griswold help you with your Christmas shopping

If Black Friday put you right into the woes and throes of holiday shopping, there might be a little something you’ll want to pick up to assist you in carrying all of those presents. I’m talking about a tote bag, but not just any old tote bag. This one is perfectly in theme with the season and a necessity for all that gift-giving you’re doing.

It’s a Clark Griswold-themed tote from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation! Think about it. You’ll be carrying this tote made by Passive Juice Hotel, and a fellow Griswold fan who is shopping beside you will look over and laugh, therefore, slightly easing the stress and torment that sometimes comes with Christmas shopping in a crowded store. Plus, you’re totally helping the environment by not using plastic or paper bags! See, you’re a total Christmas angel — already showing off that holiday spirit and caring about the world. No coal in your stocking this year!

However, let’s not kid ourselves. You’re going to need more than one bag to carry everything in. Luckily, there’s also these Home Alone and Buddy the Elf themed totes! (PS. If you love these Christmas-themed movies so much you want to wear matching sweatshirts while you shop, there’s these too.)

Clark Griswold tote, $12

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(Product shots via Passive Juice Hotel.)

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