All of the good lessons, and some of the bad ones that Mary-Kate & Ashley movies taught you

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were the girls to watch back in the ’90s and we’re still a little obsessed with them. Come on, they could do anything and everything and it was always fun to watch. That being said, Mary-Kate and Ashley movies definitely taught us a thing or two about life. For starters, life is an adventure, full of hot guys. There were SO many hot guys.

Sadly, there were many things that Hollywood’s most iconic twins taught us in their movies that were bad life lessons. Like when they traveled alone and you know, got involved with creepy witches in Double, Double Toil and Trouble. In honor of the world’s coolest twins (seriously, what other twins are as great as these two?), here’s a killer list of all the good, and some of the bad lessons, these epic movies taught me. Enjoy!


Always stick together. This was rule number one between the girls and it is still totally relevant. Sticking together is what got them out of many sticky situations. Plus, it’s more fun to experience everything with your best friend anyways.

Snails are disgusting. This is pretty self explanatory. The girls ate snails in Paris and it was gross. Duh.


McDonalds does have amazing fries. Passport to Paris was eye opening to girls, and well, anyone who hasn’t or hadn’t been out of the country. One of the biggest things we learned is that McDonalds fries are the same everywhere and they make any bad day better.

Australians may be hot, but their accents are hard to understand. Our Lips Are Sealed was all about hiding out from mobsters and looking at cute surfer boys and we loved it. It also brought to life the fact that Aussies are super cute, but their accents are difficult to decipher.


Summer flings are totally fun. Pretty much every movie featured each of the Olsen twins ending up with a total hottie, which is the dream when on vacay in a cool city. The upside is it proved flings can be awesome. The downside is not all foreign adventures lead to hot crushes like they did in the movies.

Riding on a stranger’s moped is safe. Ya, this one was a bad lesson. In Passport to Paris the girls ride off on the back of dreamy French guys’ motorcycles like it’s NBD. They didn’t know these guys, therefore this is probably not the best idea.


Costume parties are the best parties. Come on, their birthday parties were SO amazing and they weren’t the only parties the girls threw. Side note: you’re never too old to play dress up with your besties.

You can do anything you set your mind to. If there is one thing Mary-Kate and Ashley taught us in all their films, especially their detective series, it was that you can do anything you set your mind to. They could solve any crime by dinnertime! Oh and they used matching phones and they were like, what 10 years old? Craziness.


Adventures, adventures, adventures. In practically ever film, both girls have no fear, which is a really good way to approach life. You should definitely be open to adventures and lots of them.

Brothers can be annoying, but you shouldn’t sell them. Okay, so the song “Brother For Sale,” is epic and we can’t help but sing it whenever we watch Our First Video, but actually selling your sibling is a big no-no. Luckily the girls didn’t sell their adorable big bro, so it all worked out.


Stranger danger. For some odd reason, these two twins got themselves to their grandmother’s house in To Grandmother’s House We Go without a parent present! We did however learn something from their unsafe adventure: There is stranger danger everywhere, so you need to be on guard at all times… no matter how young or old you are.

Dating based on a billboard is normal and safe. This is SO not the case. Billboard Dad was a great film and all the girls wanted was for their dad to find love, but this was the worst way to make that happen. First of all, looney women started calling their dad, and tried to date him. Second, and most important, they vandalized a billboard! What?


Always check your itinerary. Actually, check it a LOT. Otherwise you might end up in San Diego instead of Santa Barbara, like the twins did in Getting There. Not that either location would be a bad place to end up in.

Marrying magic. In It Takes Two Amanda and Alyssa don’t let their guardians marry the wrong people, which was a valuable life lesson. Basically it told us that you should stand up for true love and make sure that your loved ones don’t tie the knot for the wrong reasons. It’s your job to save them from the crazy people!


Witnessing a crime would actually suck. Seriously, after seeing a crime in Our Lips Are Sealed, Maddie and Abby constantly had to move, which would be the worst in real life. You could never be yourself and that’s just annoying.

Traveling the world is a total must. They went everywhere! London (Winning London), Sydney (Our Lips Are Sealed), Paris (Passport to Paris), Rome (When in Rome) and so many more. Traveling is awesome and life changing and when done right you can kind of become an Olsen, so that’s a bonus.


Basically, when in doubt look to Mary-Kate and Ashley movies for life advice. They knew their stuff. Sure, the movies were outrageous, but so is life, so technically they nailed it!

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