Everything I need to know, I learned from ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’

Let’s talk about how this movie came out in 1993, and how together, Johnny Depp and Tim Burton have always offered an alternative option to children’s creativity. (Even though Johnny Depp isn’t in this Halloween/Christmas classic, in my mind, I really can’t think of one without the other because they are seriously ALWAYS together). Tim Burton’s styling is important because it speaks to the kid who is brilliant, but maybe not traditionally, and provides him or her with a strong example of how anyone can have a vision. And it’s because of that signature aesthetic that every Burton film provides a glorious heap of lessons to be learned.

Also, Happy Halloween!

EINTKILF The Nightmare Before Christmas

1. Lead the pack

Even though Jack Skellington is clearly exhausted from the trials and tribulations of his life, he still manages to handle organizing Halloween every year. And not just Halloween like normal people celebrate it, but he’s the Halloween Town King, so it happens to be very important. Not only that, but when Jack has the idea to incorporate new things into their lives, everyone follows suit.

2. Don’t give up hope for love

And does he notice

My feelings for him?

And will he see

How much he means to me?

I think it’s not to be

Sally is pretty in love with Jack and it is relatively obvious to everyone, but she thinks that it isn’t a thing for some reason. (Probs insecurities.) I am just saying, I’m all about the admission-of-feelings thing. I always was, even when I was young. What is the point of holding it in?! Come on, kids. If it isn’t meant to be, it won’t be.

3. It’s okay to branch out

Because even if you live in Halloween Town, it is totally cool to explore other worlds and try new things, and you know, to celebrate other holidays.

4. Believe in the spirit

Because I bet you have never seen a million bucks, but you know it’s real, right? And maybe you have never felt true love, but you must know it’s real, right? And unicorns. They’re probably real too.

5. Never let anyone control you

Also, never build a monster because they will inevitably turn on you and drug you to escape with their brilliant mind that you constructed. Though from Sally’s POV, just don’t let anyone control you. Especially a man.

6. Never send a kid to do your dirty work

Why in the world does Jack think sending three hoodlum children to kidnap a holiday icon is a good idea? I get that this whole storyline flows between good and evil while using the holidays as an emphasis, but seriously? Kids should not be kidnapping. (NO ONE SHOULD BE KIDNAPPING, obviously.)

7. What snow really is

I mean, I maybe knew what snow was when I was six years old, but it is still a really delightful song.

8. It’s okay to be wrong

Clearly, Jack makes quite a few mistakes when ultimately trying to succeed in his goal of trying something new. I do not think the entire dream was a failure, but kidnapping Santa Claus, and getting the whole twisted town on his side all fell a bit by the wayside. But, as Homer Simpson says, “You tried your best and failed miserably. The lesson is: never try.”

Wait a minute. . . that’s not what the right lesson. Basically never listen to me, or Homer.

9. A Christmas/Halloween movie combo is the BEST

Because for people like me, having a hybrid holiday movie really works out. I am the girl who is excited in September for Christmas, so it’s nice to have something to put on and be like, “well, it’s not a CHRISTMAS movie, it’s a Halloween movie!” Even though it is both.

Thanks, Jack!

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